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- Kyo -

By Googi

  • Special big thanks for the help, inspiration, motivation and support to:
  • Sutekh, Tini, Buneskapp, Camille, Sam, Lowtow, Pandaabear, Goretouched, MapleYuudachi, Mehdi, Wakki, Kytati, OniiGirii, Gireison, Peep, Larens, Kantus, LilBuddyy, Pursu, Mawz
  • I would be nothing without you beautiful friends <3
  • Features
  • 80+ Toggles!
  • Custom quickmenu icons
  • 3 Ingame toggleable faces
  • Visible Skeleton underneath body with a beating heart
  • Bat follower that can be grabbed
  • Crop top hoodie that can be pulled up to reveal the chest
  • Slappable booty and face with randomized audio (leaves a mark that fades)
  • Collar with interactable bell that makes noise
  • Toes tracking toggle that track with fingers
  • Spinnable Knife
  • 2 Hair styles
  • 6 Face piercing toggles
  • 2 Sets of shoes
  • Hair color radial & Hair color strength radial
  • 6 Separate hue shifts for Hair/Face/Skeleton/Tattoo/Outfit/Shoes
  • Light/Dark skin toggles
  • Shiny/Oily skin toggles for body
  • Tattoo toggle
  • 5/3/1/0 Tail toggles & Toggle to disable/enable wiggle
  • Desktop arm control
  • Simple marker
  • AudioLink toggle
  • GoGoLocomotion with custom added poses for much improved desktop and half-body experience
  • TPS with PP and 12 orfice spots (setup with constraints for minimal light count)
  • Check the toggle video showcase above for most of the toggles (double click in the middle of the video player to be in fullscreen and get access to video controls)
  • Join my discord server for more pics!

Desktop mode has never been better!

Toe tracking controlled with fingers.

Pullable and poseable croptop hoodie.

Checkout Kawaii_ET dancin with Kyo!

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Kyo 3.0 VRChat Avatar

175 ratings
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